About Us

About Us

In the globalizing world, the importance of the information and technology sectors is increasing day by day in all areas of our lives. In addition, every real and legal person who wants to be successful should follow current developments and the field where the fastest developments have been experienced in the sector has recently been informatics.

BEE Technology is a technology company established in Istanbul in 2020. Our company provides infrastructure services in the field of informatics in order to provide market research and analysis services to corporate companies regardless of their sector. For this purpose, we have more than 150 field research assistants all around Turkey working part time and we provide field research services at the place and time determined with our customers. According to the results, we prepare evaluation reports with our expert analysis team and provide the most accurate results to our customers.


Our mission is to offer technological research and development methods with our innovative perspective to the service of companies who want to improve their market knowledge and dominance. In doing so, we aim to increase international competition in the field of technology by contributing to both the national economy and the technology ecosystem of the country.

Our mission is to serve every company belonging to real estate, construction, education, health, finance, automotive and many other sectors in line with their special needs and while doing so, to offer technological innovations to the services of our customers in a way that makes their business easier by addressing the needed points accurately.


Our vision is to help increase the competitiveness of the companies we serve by blending advanced technology information systems with traditional field research methods. To do this, we aim to follow the latest technological and sectoral developments and to create the infrastructure suitable for obtaining and transmitting the most accurate information to our customers in the fastest way possible. In addition, to increase customer satisfaction and to stand out in this field by presenting analysis results and solution suggestions that will carry our customers forward.