What Do We Do?

We are a technology company that aims to bring companies to the most appropriate point within the framework of plan, research, strategy and technology. For this purpose, we offer market research and survey services to determine the needs of companies. In doing so, unlike traditional methods, we combine field studies with technology and make our research process more transparent and easy to follow for corporates. For this, we come together with companies to determine the research fields and form the necessary questions. Then, by directing our field surveyors through our mobile application, we ensure that the necessary research is carried out at the right place and time. We support this process with a web-based tracking infrastructure designed specifically for that company and accessible only by that company. In this way, companies are able to obtain research results more up-to-date and reliably, and they can direct our field employees by setting new research topics and tasks much faster than usual, and ensure effortless performance evaluations.

By offering to our field employees with both iOS and Android infrastructure, we are removing the obstacle of sticking to a single operating system, which is one of the obstacles to accessing information, within our company. Then we determine the needs of the companies according to the research and survey results obtained from the companies and we make this process more efficient than traditional methods.